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"Trustworthy help for business success" 

Dear Business Owner or Key Decision Maker:


Folta Associates has been found by many companies to be a trusted business advisor and effective solutions provider. We help owners and decision makers analyze, plan, model, and execute projects that create tangible value. Targeted approaches to hard to reach customers or partners is an example of significant value that we have provided to clients. We also have expertise in international expansion, with deep capabilities in China and Asia.


What We Deliver

  • Identify and evaluate business opportunities and needs through listening, research, and analysis.

  • Strategize, introduce solutions or partners, and develop business plans and financial models.

  • Help implement programs, and integrate solutions and improvements into operations.

  • Negotiate and close transactions to build value through financing and partnering.

  • Manage selective sales, sourcing, partnering, and international trade work.


Our Values

  • Integrity: Honesty, effort & transparency

  • Creativity: New ideas & innovative problem solving

  • Performance: Timely, high quality & cost-effective results

  • International Perspective: Cross-cultural teams & international experience


Results Paul H. Folta

  • Sectors: Conducted research and analysis on over 100 U.S. and overseas business development, investment, trade, and government projects including: Medical devices, pharmaceuticals & healthcare; Software, telecom, electronics & IT; Consumer goods, foods & retail; Media & entertainment; Machine tools, automotive, hardware, & appliances; Insurance & finance; Logistics; Plastics; Infrastructure; Not for Profit; and Venture Capital.

  • Investment Projects: Developed over 25 projects into investment proposals. Strategized and implemented international market expansion programs. Conducted research/due diligence on 10 projects, of which helped negotiate/close more than $58 million of investments. As Board representative, approved $5 million of investments made through a Taiwanese computer company and recovered $10 million full principal and late interest from a Chinese pharmaceutical joint venture. Participated in fund raising and planning IPOs with over $1.2 billion in capital raised.

  • Management: Identified and qualified Chinese and Asian manufacturers, and oversaw sourcing operations. Vetted and managed foreign consultants on behalf of U.S. manufacturers and service companies. Coordinated engineering, quality, and production teams on manufacturing transfer and cost reduction programs. Developed hundreds of qualified sales leads generating over $1,000,000 in new business, oversaw sales team meetings, and improved sales reporting. Led customer service activities and helped improve customer satisfaction.  


I would very much look forward to discussing with you how Folta Associates can assist your business. I offer an initial assessment at no charge after a one-hour or two-hour face to face meeting with the decision maker of your relevant department.




Paul H. Folta, Ph.D.

Managing Director


References and Resume available upon request


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